Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Online Bookkeeper

One of the two accounts clerk in our store has left.

My boss, already heavy with responsibilities for the shop, literally has numbers swimming in his head and it's drowning him. With only one person doing the accounts now, it's a real pressure on the clerk, plus she's not there full time.

He should find a much easier solution to his worries, like getting Accounting Paradise, which is a great answer to bookkeeping for small business. It's just like hiring a bookkeeper online, but only at a fraction of the cost! Pay a minimum monthly charge and that's it.

The good thing about this online bookkeeping service is that there are no contracts to tie him down. Anytime he wants to terminate the service, that's it.

In the nutshell, Accounting Paradise is the bookkeeper minus the extorbitant wage. The site also offers payroll service that includes tax forms, email reminders and customer support, and QuickBooks accounting software, which allows him to have access to his accounting from his home or any place with internet connection.

I think he should get this help fast before he goes cuckoo.

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