Friday, May 11, 2007

PayPerPost's the best!

Paid posties like us have been so lucky to have opportunities to make the extra income.

Advertisers who choose to use blog advertising to spread the word are smart to advertise with PayPerPost, as in my opinion, and as far as I can see, is the biggest site and with the most opps. I signed up soon after Christmas last year, and started with PR Zero. It's hard work getting the PR to go up and today I am pleased with myself to have a higher PR, and getting more opportunities.

Although I do not do paid posts full time, to date I have earned enough to buy a new vacuum cleaner, plus still thinking of what to get with the rest :) It's time to pamper myself a bit, after all, I am the one who has been getting the brain constipation syndrome from thinking how and what to write. So, I guess I'll save up to get a nice pair of diamond earstuds.

In a matter of five short months, it's amazing that I've made so many 'blogofriends' and everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful when I needed some guidance and advice. It's great to know that for once, instead of people keeping money to themselves, being selfish, in blogosphere and at PayPerPosties are willing to share their tips for making the extra moolah.

So,thanks blogofriends, for all the support and thanks PayPerPost, for the opportunities.

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