Thursday, May 03, 2007

Will's Graduation Day

Today is a very special day for us.

Wilkin's youngest brother Will, has finally got that cert in his hands. Although I wasn't there to witness his proud moment, I did my part to celebrate the day! I bought a little graduation bear, all nicely wrapped up. I also bought a bottle of Maison non-alcoholic drink to celebrate, and a chocolate ice-cream cake as dessert after dinner.

If only my MIL was here to see her youngest son today. Maybe she is watching from above.

Here's Will and my hubby. Wilkin is not short, but Will really dwarfed him.

Funny thing is, when Wilkin got home to change to formal wear, he found both suit and pants tight. Kakakakkaaa! This was his wedding suit. Well, he has been working on his biceps, therefore ok lar, tight around the underarms. But the pants... hhahahaaha, he was afraid even to eat a meatpie I offered to heat up for him for lunch, in case he bloated up.

Here's Bessie and Will. Among the siblings, they are the closest. Bessie spoils him.

And here's the family picture-not-so-perfect, coz another brother Wilson couldn't attend. Also me and Aidan leh. Plus Will's eyes are close.

I know. You guys must be wondering about their names. I get the headache too when I stayed with my in-laws. Coz the letters will arrive under WK Chan. This I have to guess between my hubby and Will, as their chinese name initials are the same. But if it's only W Chan...... JIALAT!!

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