Saturday, June 02, 2007

Customizing my blogger header

Some blogofrens asked me how I did my header.

As if I am such an expert! But it's not a secret anyway. So I will tell you how.

Firstly, I use New Blogger. So I can only tell you what works for me, and also here's the link where I learned it from:

Customize Your Blogger Header

  1. After signing in, go to Layout.
  2. You will either have a Header Page Element where you may want to edit.
  3. If you still haven't got one, click on Add a Page Element and you will be brought to a list of New Page Elements.
  4. Scroll down to bottom right and you will see Page Header. Click on that.
  5. Upload an image from your pc or link to an image on the web.
  6. You will then see your image, click on save.

And that's done!

Word of note : I had to play around with the sizes of my header until I found one that I consider appropriate. If the pixels is too small, you may not be able to upload the pic. So far the tutorial only showed how to put the header in the center, and not the entire area which I wanted, unfortunately.

As for the pic, no, I didn't draw it! Hahaha, funny you should ask! Funny to me, that is, coz I barely passed my exams in art. I used PhotoStudio, clicked here and there, experiment this and that, and here's the result. Or you may like to your your PhotoShop.

Nevertheless, it's still my brand new personal header :)

Good luck and happy trying!!


cairo's mommy said...

oh wow, have been wanting to change my header for some time now, thanks for the tip (and also those u left on my blog :D)

Sweetpea said...

my pleasure. i hope the tips on your blog helps :)

pearly said...

hi dear :
read you above tip I did my as follow as you say so . thank for the tips . if I spend enought time on the blog I will be good on it I guess look around all other blog tips .

Sweetpea said...

i haven't checked out your site yet.. hope to see a new pretty header :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Thanks so much sweety pea, u look sweet in that pic with ur bubba. Now lemme the it-idiot try adding in a pic to my header.