Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've Got to Stop This!

Now whenever I send Aidan to 'school', I will go fresh-faced (fresh here means no make-up and looking like a ghost lar!), wear my dowdiest tracks and not comb my hair.

So I have to drive home. And not to the shopping centre.

I bought a new throw rug. How to resist leh? From $49.95 to $9.95?? I bought two, no, three tops and a woollen cardigan. Die lar like this? How to save money and go back to KL and Ipoh to shop?

Aidan is much better today. Just like any other day. Wilkin called to ask about his little 'heong lou than' and I said he's okay. Asked me what his temperature was, and I replied 37 (How would I know? I didn't use the themometer, heh!) Reminded again to bring him to the doctor if he still has the fever. D'oh!

Am not sure about you mums but I know when Aidan has a fever by just putting my face on his forehead. Of course I won't be able to tell the precise reading, but at least it will prompt me into whipping out the thermometer. After so many years, I am pretty confident to know when Aidan isn't the best.

We had to go out in the evening today to his paed. to sign some forms, so when we got home it was kinda late. And for a quick dinner, I tried Erina's hubby's recipe. Result? Aidan finished his rice without any hitch. Or maybe he was really hungry? Hahaha. I have to say it's really simple and nice. Beats fried rice anytime now :)


Simple American said...

Just don't drive him to shool in your jammies. Really embarrassing if you break down and have to call a mechanic. My daughter's piano had this happen on a rainy day when her cell phone died. So she had the bonus of knocking on a stranger's door to borrow a phone.

Kids definitely act different when they are ill. Hate seeing them be broken. So glad they grow out of the sickliness eventually.

Vien said...

I'm like you, I can tell when Belle has fever or not by touching her. That recipe is great! I will try that fore Belle.

jazzmint said...

i too check my kids with my palm to first feel the fever...then proceed with the thermometer. and boy i'm so sked, i check them everyday hahaha

Sweetpea said...

haha.. i don't think they mind about the jammies here, BUT have to remembe to wear the undies though!

vien & jazzmint - inilah dia mother's instinct. it's easy to tell once we get the hang of it :P

IMMomsDaughter said...

Waiseh, you don't wear undie with pj ah? Tell me, tell me, what time you come out of the house???

Btw, Jazz remarks very funnylah, check temp everyday. Lol.

Sasha said...

i can never tell if J is having fever or not. Cos sometimes my hand will be extremely HOT or cold. So i must use the thermometer.

Bernard said...

Sounds like Aidan is a-ok already la.

I tagged you, sweetpea. You're infected.

Sweetpea said...

IMMoms - the undies i mean is the upper lar.. u wear one meh? so 'restricting' :P
haha, ya farny she. check everday, kekeke.

sasha - have you checked your thyroids lately? they are our 2nd heart, and it many ways control our body.

dr.bernard - tough tag! so far also can infect! very dangerous!!

Allyfeel said...

Me too la...I can sense with my cheek or palm when my boy has fever.

Haha...sometimes I am lazy to dress up n no eyebrow pencil as well when sending ivan to school. *tongue out* Scary. kekeke!

Sweetpea said...

allyfeel - haha... just don't wear white and have loose hair :P