Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A little temperature

When I got home Sunday night from work, I checked on Aidan, and I found that he was a little hot.

Yesterday, he acted a little tired, listless and lacked of appetite. When I went to work again last night I told Wilkin to give Aidan a dose of paracetamol if he has a temperature.

I called at 9pm to check on them, and Wilkin said Aidan was already asleep. Didn't drink eat much and didn't finish his milk. And had a dose of the medicine. I thought Wilkin sounded a little p***ed at me, and told me to take Aidan to the doctor the next day.

We have been through this many times in.. what? Three years, eight months and four weeks to be exact? I don't like taking Aidan to the clinic for the simplest thing, where doctor cannot give us anything anyway to make Aidan feel better instantly. He failed to realize his wife, ME, that I don't work in the pharmacy for donkey years and know nothing! In his eyes, in my opinion, I am not a professional. I will tell him exactly what the doctor will say, and he will only believe the doctor.

Anyway, yeah, he sounded as if I was the guilty one for Aidan being not well, and did nothing about it.

I HATE IT! I hate to go through this again. What can the doctor do?! Just tell me to go home and give Aidan the same yadda yadda yadda. Duh??!! Just because children are bulk-billed and we don't have to pay a cent, doesn't mean I have to waste my time for something I don't need advice for. He friggin' thinks I have too much time on my hands.



The New Parent said...

Hi SP--just went through a similar thing with my little one. Had a brief fever, then a cough. Whenever we go to the doctor for this she says the same thing. Not much they can do, drink plenty of water and get rest.


I think we rush to doctors too much and too quickly.

L B said...

You curse beautifully! And I love the song you have in here..

huisia said...

Hope Aidan feels better now..:)
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AceOne118 said...

If a little treperature, panadol will do the trick. Your hubby concern abt Aidan ma. Dun be sad ler.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

You're right that frankly there is nothing the paed could do when we bring of sick kids to the clinic. We would likely go back with more paracetemol only.. but for me, most of the time, the visitation to paed is for reassurance. Donno la, somehow the assurance from a professional does make me feel better....

Sweetpea said...

TNP - u are quite right. i have seen many parents coming into the store for advice now, especially when they can't get to the doctors at night. if aidan is a still a baby i can understand. but after so many times, so many years, you'd think he'll trust me by now! :P

lb - haha, am just an amateur. i've just changed the song again, heh.

huisia - where u all mums get the time to make new blogs arr?!

aceone - not sad, mang charng only. can't u see i was cursing? kakkaaka!

etcetera~mommy - then u can get along with my hubby! hahaha.. but if he knows he has to pay for it, then maybe he won't ask as much :P

eastcoastlife said...

I'm like you. A little fever and flu, no need to see doctor lah. Can self-medicate, even though I don't work in a pharmacy. hehe....

No need to be too kan-cheong over kids. They are prone to lots of sickness. I should tell your hubby this. :)

Cool sweetpea, hubby is just worried for Aidan.

Sweetpea said...

that's right ECL, although i feel bad every single time when aidan is not well, i am fine with no taking him to the doc. really? what can they do? sigh...hubby stubborn.