Thursday, June 28, 2007

Macca burger and chips lovers, read this!

Haiyah, I think every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that fast food is not nutritious.

Still, we go, and we bring our kids along to those favourite joints of Kentuckys and MacDonalds (Maccas for short) and everywhere else that serve food fast. And tasty.

Once in a while, or for me, once a week, nevermind lar right? After all, Aidan only has 3 nuggets and a small bag of fries and orange juice, sometimes Coke, and of course, the TOY! But I have preference noh! I like the popcorn nuggets best at Kentucky coz they taste the softest, and the worst being Hungry Jacks coz I think they put quite a lot of pepper and it's kinda dry. I personally like dear ol' Colonel Sanders' fries coz when sprinkled with chicken salt.... mmmm, mmmm....

But since Maccas is nearest to my house, I tend to go there more lor, and also I LURVE their Berry Nice Yoghurt. I find it funny though when I go back to Malaysia, Maccas has got porridge! Kakakaaaa!

Anyway, now I want to ask you, do you know how much additives are there in Maccas buns?

Will you be HORRIFIED if I tell you that with the additives in a bun, it is equivalent to either 10 freaking years of the amount or storage? Sorry lar, my hubby watched it in Current Affairs but can't tell me exactly which. In either case, NOT GOOD right??! No wonder their buns are the softest leh, if it has got anything to do with it.

Potassium bromate is a flour improver which is categorized possibly carcinogenic to humans has been banned from many countries, but hear this, according to a source it has NOT been banned in USA. Please correct me if I am wrong. I have yet to find anything saying if it's used here in Australia.

Mott, this excerpt especially for you:

- Monosodium Glutamate (E621) - "flavour enhancer" - Is an aminoacid commonly used as a flavouring. While it appears naturally in some foods like Camembert cheese, it's used mainly as an additive, particularly in Chinese and Japanese food.
A single bowl of Wonton soup can contain 2.5 grams of MSG.
It's also one of the "secret herbs and spices" in Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Can cause intolerant reactions and effect chemistry of the brain. MSG is responsible for an allergic reaction known as Chinese restaurant syndrome (CRS), characterized by headache, nausea, chest tightness, sweating and a burning sensation along the back of the neck. Some researchers writes that these symptoms affect "only" "MSG-sensitive" individuals who eat free MSG (usually added in the restaurant as a condiment) on an empty stomach. You may want to apply some easy reversing to such assertions :-)MSG has also been blamed in a case of angioedema.

And the fries hor, you think you are getting the real deal? Real potatoes? They are Genetically Modified potatoes. Doesn't sound too scary right? Wait, I cari an excerpt:

"Genetically modified foods first entered many Americans diets through McDonald's french fries and Frito-Lay's corn chips, Pollan said. McDonald's and Frito-Lay's once used the potatoes that produce pesticide, New Leaf Superior potatoes developed by the chemical company Monsanto, Pollan said.
But many consumers never knew they were eating the re-engineered potato, Pollan said, because the federal government does not require genetically modified foods to be labeled."

TAKUT? Go baca sendiri.


Simple American said...

This is why I cannot go to Mickey Dees any more. Though I might sneak a Whataburger now and then. :)

mott said...

Ha ha ha..

thanks for the info. so sweet la you.

Really..thanks for your support. Bet u think I"m an ass eh?


abt g.m foods...everything also g.m la... what to do..the kind of world we live in..

oi..but in aussie, u can grow your own tomatoes, lemons, kumquats, apples, grapes, herbs...oh..I'm going on and on and on....! sorry!

Sweetpea said...

SA - after posting this i went to Macca's again today :) guess i'll never learn :P

mott - no you're not.
u think of so many things.. i don't have green thumbs!