Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No such thing as natural beauty

It got me thinking.

I'd say crap if anyone tells me she or he knows of someone that is a natural beauty.

It costs to be a natural beauty. It's not cheap at all to be a natural beauty. And it gets more expensive when we get older. Being 'fresh-faced' doesn't mean we look fresh anymore. It only means we don't have make-up on.

Try going to work 'fresh-faced' and you will be condemned as not respecting your job. Hey, I guess then I can claim all the make-ups for tax rebate, since it is necessary to look presentable eh?

Just think. From the moment you wake up you wash your face, and then dutifully go through your beauty regime everyday without fail. Without the basic skin-cleansing routine for even just a week, tell me how you feel in a week.

And by doing that we need facial cleanser, toner, probably a serum before we slap on the moisturizer, sunscreen, and for the ones who needs cementing, we have a primer, concealer, foundation, compact, eyebrow pencils and lipsticks. I don't use the followings much but the full make-up session include eye-shadows, eyeliners, mascara and cheek tints. Or perhaps some fake eyelashes and an eye-lash curler.

Then again we need to keep our brows in check with a weekly shaping up to do. Some women have facial hairs, and even a little moustache. Facials are a must for some, and I haven't been to one ever since I stepped on Australia soil.

Our hair. Colours, curls, re-bonding, highlights, re-rooting, tippings, bleaching. We spend hours in the salon doing these to look like dolls.

Body. Ever wonder how some ladies' skin shines and looks natural. It's a painstaking process of exfoliating, you scrub and scrub till your skin looks red and raw. Ouch! No pain no gain, right?

And really, will men take a double look if a woman looks oh-so-plain? And tell the truth, look at these pics. Do you prefer the natural fresh-faced beauty now, or the foxy, sexy sirens?

These sirens, have layers of concealers and foundations on them.

How is it that when men slack in their looks, they are deemed macho?

Why are women given the ultimate pressure of looking good, and if we don't, men, some, (I did say SOME, not all!) think we are slobs? Will they think us sexy if we do not pluck or shave the hair on our armpits? Or have bushy unattended eyebrows? Or have straggly hair?

And so, lady friends, do you think we should hand the bills from Estee Lauder, Clinique, Biotherm, Mac, or whatnots to our partners then? :P


LiL'deviL said...

I haven't put make up on by myself in years. The last time I had make up on was during my wedding photo session last year and someone else put the make up on me.

Have you heard of the saying that people present themselves nicely to respect others. Guess I have no respect for others...kekek..

AceOne118 said...

Woah-woah! so bulat wan fake or real?

Eh..going back to top gear ar? hahaha

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Wow good comparison!! It's not fair that men can just wake up, fix hair and go to work! While us women need to wake up *WAY EARY*, wash face, tone, mousturize, makeup, style hair, choose what to wear, what shoes matches, etc etc etc (depending on how good you want to look)

And if we don't fix ourselves?

Others will think "Gosh she looks HORRIBLE... did she went clubbing last night?"

Have mercy!

Sweetpea said...

lil'devil - yeah that's right! but u are still young and can afford to go out fresh-faced, for me, i will need a little extra aid leh :P

aceone - u ask for wat? Pamela Anderson famous for wat??!

nesh - yalor. all the pressure put on women only! no fair!

mott said...

hahahahah...i saved alot of money...

or rather..due to lack of it, I don't support alot of these brands!

i think the basic moisturiser/cleanser..shud be ok? Dove is quite ok to me...

wHOisBaBy said...

no wonder when i go to casino, ppl still ask me for my ID card lar. i look terrible ... like a high school kid because i don't dress up as my age. only wear tee shirts and jeans.

bokjae said...

hey pal, did a post following yours! cheers!

Sweetpea said...

mott - i usually use neutrogena, but fren says the estee lauder good, so i buy lor. u know lar, my age - have to keep young. see wat i mean?!

whoisbaby - u no say! u look like a schoolgirl!

bokjae - haha, thanks for debating!

Simple American said...

I think my missus looks good with a fresh face. Though she does go for facials now and again. Some women don't need cosmetics. Others, well. I be quiet so I am not put in the corner.

My wife wants me to go get a facial too. I told her I will think about it. :P Seriously I am. You know I will blog about that. keke

Sweetpea said...

SA - you WILL blog about it. it's not about the beauty (yes it is!) but more of the enjoyment. you'll be snoring in no time :) trust me..