Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prognosis for Blogivitis - Life still salvageable, not.

I am currently suffering from blogitivis where it has reached a terrifying stage. It is a pandemia spreading every nano second to every corner of the electrical web world.

So contagious, I have been double infected from as far as Malaysia, by a surgeon named Dr. Bernard Chan and a friendly SAH Mummy to Chumsy.

Almost every blogger has been infected with blogivitis in some ways, some are terminally ill, probably those who are termed 'paid posties' who are after the Lucky Duck. Blogivities has been reported to be a new and deadly generation of disorder which can mestasise to the following conditions:

Insomnia. Unless you have given up hope on the addiction of Es-Illaven, generic name moo-lah, there is few hope, although there are still a high percentage of healthy bloggers not YET infected.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Main characteristic is the clicking of mouse on the Refresh button a.k.a. 'Moodlifter' repetitively for comments and 'Opportunities' that may result in being temporarily delirious. Beware of side effects, most commonly observed is swearing, fist-slamming, shouting and more severely, head-banging.

Lust. You obscenely think about your blog day and night, wherever you go, whenever. If you have the habit of taking photos of everything you deem bloggable, think of what your next post will be while you are doing your everyday essentials, i.e. bathing, brushing your teeth, till the second you doze off to dreamland, you are pretty much seriously infected. You may even want to tell the whole world why your call to mother nature's number one is bright yellow in colour, or the texture of number two.

With the symptoms above, you may find you lack of interest in other aspects of life and become increasingly irresponsible in handling your daily chores. The attitude of procrastination will emerge, and beware of negative repercussions, such as slobby self, messy house, dying plants and mouldy toilet bowls.

I find that I am indeed infected with blogivitis, as I realize that I spend more time romancing my keyboard compared to the hours in bed with my husband. Hence I need a remedy that will antidote this infection, or rather, addiction.

So, the answer, dear loktor, is Retail Therapy. Then again, post retail therapy will result in even more blogging.

I regret to inform you that I have nothing to dispense to this date, but I can volunteer and sacrifice my time to do a research for a better cure. In order to do that, I need funds to support my research, and therefore, please .


As love is all around, and so are germs, I am out to infect:

The Lai Family
Miche - In his Time
Mott's Island

Spread it ladies!


Bernard said...

Ooops.. did my comment get thru?

This is hilarious!!! I love it. I wouldn't mind the generic es-illaven too. Dose-dependent reaction. :-)

Sweetpea said...

doc - ur tag got my head swimming in the ocean i.e. too much to write, but donno wat to write :P

Malaika's mummy said...

You are so funny...

Sweetpea said...

CL - i try hard to!

Sweetpea said...
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