Friday, June 15, 2007

Retail Therapy

When one is sick, she needs medicine.

But depending on what kind of sickness. My doc can give me nothing for my cold, nothing for viral infection, so I need to self-medicate to make dear old me feel better. I lost 70% of my voice, lucky I don't have a sore-throat too.

Imagine a mum. Needing her voice to shout and repeat after a selective hearing son, (and husband too). Straining her voice EVEN further. For the past two days. What? Can't hear? STOMP! STOMP! On my floorboard. Or BANG BANG. On the table. Aidan thought I was nuts. *Sigh... shake my head in defeat and raise white flag*

So you tell me. Do I need more endorphins in my system?

Am gonna splash some cash! Yeah Bebeh!

First stop after swimming lessons with Aidan, to Max Brenner and ordered a Jaffa chocolate drink with orchid oil for myself, and a chocolate lick for Aidan. Then I saw the souffle. How can I resist? Got that too with the extra servings of strawberries, ice cream and another portion of melted chocolate. Souffle was small, but was blardy rich. I had to get a takeway cup for my drink. Pity no pics, even their mugs are cute. But I didn't want to bring the camera to the pool. Next time, okay?

Then I got a booster seat for Aidan. We can't buckle him up anymore on his current seat as he is already over 18kg, and it's especially tight with the winter jackets on. $72.00

Need to repair my aging face pronto. And I got this. $122.00 after using up my David Jones' gift vouchers.

And then I got this mini carpet. $30.00 Floorboards are freezingly cold in winter, and Aidan always have cold feet playing on the floor. Didn't like the previous one as it wasn't rubber-backed and always slipped, plus it traps lots of dust.

Then to the chemist for a script, solution for my contact lenses, and these. Total about $110.00
All in the name of preventing ageing fast.

If I do a $10.00 post a day, I will need 30 days straight to get this money back. And I am only a waddling duck compared to those fast descending eagles eyeing for the good opps. How to get the $700.00 opp you tell me?!


AceOne118 said...

aiyoyo! go see loctor la. Hope you are feeling better adi now.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Hope you got your voice back. And like the stomp stomp..heh heh..

Wah, when you shop you really SHOP!!! As for the $700 opp, let me experience it first then I share with you the know hows...MUAR HA HA..

Sweetpea said...

aceone - better today, still not much voice. u think i should get another sicky? :P

IMMoms - stomp stomp like child in tantrum, haha. ya,when i let go and think 'wat the heck' spend spend lar! and u go get the $700!!

Mommy to Chumsy said... also want to make $700 per month lah. I guess if we don't sleep and have a few blogs running, then no problem :D

Sweetpea said...

WH - then i guess we just have to be really lucky, huh? :)

papajoneh said...

wahhhh.. when u sick, u really go spending eh? Cool mom :D

Man, im about to post that PPP lucky 7 thing...but never did. never good at proper sponsored post. Rojak hentam style posting bolehlah...
but still, if u sick. you go see doctor ok. :) don't let us worry opk fren.

PEARLY said...

wow :
cool ler no voice also can go shopping huh .HOW YOU talk to the sale ppl ler ?keekek. I hope you feeling better now , not nice when we lost our voice but i am sure the personal who very please is our kids and the big DAD , IF I LOST MY VOISE MY KIDS AND DEREK WILL SAY HHHHHHHHHH THE HOUSE IS SO PEACEFULL NOW .***SIGHT***

take care dear xxxxxxpearly

Sweetpea said...

papa - when women needs to shop, any excuse will do ler :P am getting better thanks, voice is like 70 percent back now, but still can't sing high notes :) YET.

shern's mom said...

wow, good harvest.
i like the mini carpet. looks cool.

blur_mommy said...

wah.. major shopping spree!!! hope u feel better soon.

Abt the $700 opp, actually I was on the PC but I had to turn away for a few min to tend to Lil' C & when I turn back, it was gone... aiyah!!! missed it by 1 min *sob sob*

bokjae said...

Heard too many complaints about those $700 posts! Too many ppl chasing after it! Even $5 post I don't get often enough! sigh!

Sweetpea said...

blur_mommy - becoz u are blur lor! kakakkaa!! but really, even those $5 posts for 50 words are gone like lightning!

Sweetpea said...

shern's mummy - thanks, i hope it lasts!

bokjae - ya, so much hype about it, but never get. we have to resolve to writing $1 posts hor? haha