Saturday, June 09, 2007

What I did, what Aidan didn't do..

What I did was that I allowed Aidan to sleep with us, smacked right in between his Mummy and Dada one fine early morning around 4am.

I have told myself I cannot allow this to happen, for fear that he will get used to it, and it's no good... no good at all. It happened only a few nights ago, and we heard his pitter patter to our room, donno why I got up and told him to come to me, in the dark. Then he plunked himself right in the middle of the bed. At that very moment, I felt so, so happy and snug, although I was consciously thinking, 'Heck, what have I done?'

I was thinking he might be feeling a little cold, but Wilkin reckons it's the heater which automatically switch on and off upon reaching a certain temperature that we preset, or the room temperature has gone down again. It will make a clicking sound everytime it goes off. That might have woken Aidan up.

And what Aidan didn't do, was that we didn't go swimming on Thursday morning. Missed that. Why? Coz this precious lil bub didn't want to wake up! Came to my room at 7am odd, had his milk, went back to sleep beside me, and I couldn't wake him up.

Wakey, wakey, sleepy head. We're going swimming. *Usually he'll get all excited*

Donwan nah.... *back to sleep*

Repeat about 5 times. Called MARC, report sick, so I can get a family pass as compensation.


The New Parent said...

Hi SP--it's very sweet to have a little sleep with mommy and daddy. And it's also nice to have them sleep later. Not so nice to have them sick (smile).

Thanks for sharing a sweet moment!

Lovely Mummy said...

hi there, I've tagged u

Sweetpea said...

TNP - you're right, not nice at all. coz his dada will be on my back, always giving me the pressure, as if i don't do enough to make our son feel better :P

LM - haha.. gladly.

eastcoastlife said...

Lil kids grow up very fast. Before you know it, they won't want to be seen with you, let alone sleep with mom and dad. lol.....

I treasure those rare times when my son wanted to sleep with us. I missed the hugs and tickling each other. :)

mott said...

if it's cold...i'd appreciate another warm body! hee hee hee....

dorischua said...

Clayton has been doing the same every now and then, we let him be lah... I know it's not good habit but I am thinking he grows so fast, better enjoy these cuddly moments :)
Thanks for alerting me abt the Blog of the Day - have a great day!

Sweetpea said...

ECL - ya i know. everyone is telling me that! but at least he still loves my hugs and tickles! and prefers ME over his father. hah!

mott - i think aidan thinks that too, that's why he's been running over to our bed :P

doris - nice moments yes, but cannot over indulge them :P and no worries, congrats again. by the way, keep my updated on the birkenstock shoes!