Thursday, July 19, 2007

Martin Worldwide for Sales Leads and Mailing Lists

Business people will love this site as it will expand their customer base in no time. They can buy lists in search for more potential customers and gain a wider market share.

Not sure how it works?

Say you have a product that target families with young children. Martin Worldwide will have a comprehensive and complete Consumer database on homes categorized under Presence of Children. Or you have a Golf magazine business, where under their Specialty List, you will be able to purchase their list of golf enthusiasts.

Perhaps you have community meeting running for a certain religion. Martin Worldwide has the ethnicity list where it can be broken down to ethnic, cultural, religious and geographical ethnic density for better results.

Well of course there are many more lists under business, mortgage and new homeowner. Get a free quote and catalog and when you are one of their many customers, you will save $100 on your next order.

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