Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mummy's favourite snack, now Aidan's too

One of my favourite snacks when I have nothing to eat at home, then, and now, is Milo powder.

I can eat half a cup, feeling it melting in my mouth....yuummmm

Just then I made myself a cuppa of hot milo and Aidan was being a busybody hanging around. I thought I'd let him try some, see if he likes it. Whenever he tries out new stuff he's just like a puupy, sniffing and licking. If he doesn't like it, we can very clearly see it on his face :P and out whatever that is comes.

He loved the milo powder though. I finished making my milo and in that few minutes, he was bugging me to Open, open, open.

The milo tin of course.

What else, a new found snack of course. And with the sugar, it may have made him done

So now you know, mummy was a hyper child too :P


AceOne said...

I like eating Milo too but stop this habit ledi. Watch your sugar level!!! wakakaaka

Annie Q said...

OH!I'm the first to comment...yeah yeah!
when i'm young i also like to eat "MILO", but i will purposely let it expose to the air and it will become harder, so i'm like eating cho-co-late! kakakakaka

stay-at-home mum said...

Make him a Milo dinaosaur(thick milo with a big heap on top) or a godzilla milo (thick milo with whipped cream and a thick heap on top)instead of having it plain! He'll go thru' the roof!

babyfiona said...

eee! I also want! very nice to eat, I like this more than eat chocolate ;p

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Yay, first here!

Wah.. milo powder, very 'yit hei' wor. Make sure you both drink lots of water ya. Have u tried Roti Milo before?

Mummy to QiQi said... milo like that?? I love to spread the milo on the bread with the sweet milk cream (susu cap junjung!), haha...

J@n!ce said...

I love eating the milo powder when young too. I also like the milo candy....yummy :)
But my elder boy doesn't like milo & milk. He will puke out anything with milk content except ice-cream. This is making me headache. sigh !!

Sweetpea said...

aceone - i seldom do it now, but still my fave though :)

annie q - haha, u're not first leh :P too hard i no like wor, but sometimes no choice, once oxidised i have to use the fork to stab on the milo!

SAHM - geee...thanks, but no way! hahhaa.. u've tried that?!

etcetera~mommy - not always ler. no, haven't tried roti milo, but have tried roti with condensed mill

mummy to qiqi - haven't tried that one but i miss 'nai jeong dor' as in condensed milk with peanut butter on toast, popular breakfast snack in hong kong.

janice - izzit allergy, sensitive or he just purely doesn't like the taste? funny pun :P

Simple American said...


Cannot wait to be a grand parent so I can fill my grand kids full of sugar and then give them back to their parents.


Sweetpea said...

SA - yeah! me too! then they can have their own dose of medicine :P but I still have quite a while for that day to come :)