Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A new game with my toy

I took out my not so new toy now and invented a new game for it.

Another reason I don't like winter is that I have to switch on our column gas heater. And when I do that, I don't have the slightest clue why I have to vacuum our house like twice or three times a week, depending on how long I can stand looking at the layer of dust that decorates our wooden floorboard.

And I hate, loathe, keji the sight of those countless dust specks floating in the air, most visible in the afternoon as the sunlight enters our room from the window. Menyampah!

Aidan thinks their fairy dust or something, trying to catch them.

And I strapped up my toy, and like a space soldier, sucked those annoying dust in mid air. You say 'yau yeng' (got style) or not? Better than playing Wii. Aidan was baffled as to what I was doing, heh.

Gotta go out and play a little while now with Aidan. This is the best day in weeks. Full of sunshine and 16 degree C.

Just don't let the snow melt if we decide to go to Marysville this weekend!


Elly said...

hi! Eh winter so dusty meh?? or it's dust from the heater?

hv a good weekend...if u decide to go!! no hitam hitam ok. *LOL*

*Kissy kiss cutey Aidan*

Simple American said...

Praying for snow.

Don't like dust hor? You'll hate Texas then. lol

Sweetpea said...

elly - am quite excited actually. ya, hopefully no hitam hitam. not me mar... u tell him!

SA - ooo thanks. we need that don't we? hhmm.. wat kinda dust is there? sand dust or dirt dust? in my house am talking about the ones from clothes, u know, those lints when u try folding your clothes in door... haha, don't even know if there is actually any different kind of dust.
makes me nose itchy..

Simple American said...

Dirt dust. Lot of allergies become evident in Texas. Still I loves it.

Sweetpea said...

i think i have a friend in texas. haha.. now i have 2 friends i can ask for accomodation if i am there :P