Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Plan a trip with Real Travel

I have a wishlist that is as long as the River Nile.

Hair transplant, liposuction, nose job, teeth whitening, skin tuck, botox, pole dancing, holidays, cruising, paragliding, hot air balloon trip, still hasn't quite gotten to the idea of bungee jumping.

And the list goes on.

The first six wishes are quite superficial, really. But I have always wanted to travel further. See the world. It is something everyone should do. Yet, when we have the money, we don't quite have the time, do we? I would like to backpack to the Europe. It's THE place I want to visit most. Forget about high heels and LV luggages. And when I do fly, I will make sure to note down the journey of my life.

And where better than RealTravel.com It is the travel guide written by real travelers, advising holiday-makers where to go and what to do. I'll get to learn from them of what I should and shouldn't do in certain countries, read their travel reviews and so I can plan better for my trip with the Free Trip Planner for a good place to eat, a beautiful city to visit, or to get that must-have souvenir.

Real Travel gathers all travelers in this site to exchange great holiday or disastrous stories, as well as offering free travel blogs, forums and great travel deals. It's a site no travelers can miss. As Victoria Beckham says, 'Major!'

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