Saturday, July 21, 2007

Prima Donna Bras

I don't have a problem in getting bras. But a friend of mine, who is on the plus size, finds it difficult to get a decent one that lasts.

She will be glad to know that Prima Donna Bras have cups from B to H in 9 different back sizes. Each of their bras are made up of 50 components guarantees great comfort and gives the support the wearer needs. I truly believe in what we pay is what we get. Forget about the really cheap ones that attracts you to look at it in the first place. Having said that, Prima Donna bras are not the cheapos but not exactly too expensive either. Their bras are made from high quality fabrics that retain their fits even after frequent wear and wash.

I personally am very interested in their shapewear which is featured on Oprah's list. It's a Sassybax Torso Trim that hides bra bulge and lines. Just what I need. And the price? I like it. You go check it out for yourself :)

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