Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pure convenience for parents

On the last day of kinder when I picked Aidan up he said he wanted 'Donalds, chips, nuggets?' and we went to Macca's. On seeing it was quite late and I had to get ready for work, I went to their Drive-In.

In front of my car was another Astra, just like mine. I then noticed there were two of these screens on the back of the driver and front passenger's headrests. One had New MacDonald's Farm show on and the other had Elmo Show. One each for the two little children in the backseat.

And I went ......

Is it really necessary? What does it mean to you? Do you think the parents SO love their children that they indulge the kids in all the goodies in life?

I stared at those screens in disgust. Don't get me wrong. I love modern gadgets. Great stuff for long distance travelling. That's the only one good thing I can think of. Unless I am very wrong, this is a local car. Why do they need something like this in the car?

So that they don't have to entertain their children? To keep them quiet? I don't believe for a second the children can't do without dvds for a couple of hours. What are the parents teaching them?

What happened to sing-alongs? I am all for putting in a sing-along kid's cd and sing off-key with Aidan. What happened to interactions? Communications? Will the parents be happier for their kids to leave them alone while these children kept on watching TV at home? Perfect babysitter isn't it?

I wanna hear you say!


Jennifer said...

I have these. I got them for a long drive (4 hours).

I now love them. I however am a back seat rider. My husband and father-in-law in the front usually.

I have the colors DVD, the ABC's DVD, and quite a few Elmo's DVD's. We sing to them though and it is interactive.

I am right there watching too. LOL...

Sweetpea said...

hi jennifer,

i understand if it's a long distance drive, plus at least one adult like yourself there to play and sing along. u did say u are the back seat rider. that's interaction.

however, this is just two kids at the back. they can argue all they like that they do join in the singing from the front, but my point is that this is not necessary. we are exposing chilren more and more to modern gadgets far too young.

there are pros and cons to it, but personally i think this is more for the convenience of the parents. but that's just me :)

thanks for your input :)

aceone said...

OK, wait I get married first lah!

Sweetpea said...

aceone - u sibuk sibuk this post eh?

PEARLY said...

derek got that for our kids 2 years ago , we use it when we go down to visit my in law ,jeouney take 4 hour to ariver just to stop my 3 monkey keep asking *ARE WE THERE YET *****

hhahh. also there will also company with there DS lite plus PSP , yet I know is pretty bad huh , I am not a very gud mum to sing along with them in the car cos I will get car sick hahahahh. that why xxxxxxxx

Sweetpea said...

pearly, that's precisely my point. long distance drive is ok, keep them entertained, but not necessary for any other reason.
sigh.. lucky we don't have PSP in the house, YET. coz both father and son will be fighting over it.

haha, so u are one of those who can't travel :P take some ginger tablets next time :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

I don't think I'll ever get one of those for my kid. I rather she reads a book or go to sleep....hehehehe (if you do see one in my car next time, slap me, ok?)

Sweetpea said...

haha... thanks for the invitation :) i will! i will!!

mama bok said...

PB bought a PSP for chloe just to keep her awake.. during our trip home from my Grammie's... because if she sleeps in the car.. she wouldn't go to bed till 2am.. so we will be in trouble. But i made PB sell the PSP because i didn't think it was necessary whatsoever.. ! we just leave early from Grammie's instead now.

Sweetpea said...

mama bok - that's right! and to think what we did as kids when even tamagochi wasn't around yet! i'd rather get some story cd with books.
did PB get a copping from u? :P