Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thoof your favourite news

You go to one site, you will find news and stories from gossips, travelling, world events to politics. You may find it irritating to have to get around to few different sites to actually get to read the kind of news you want.

Now how about personalized news? One website for all news articles, websites, videos, and photographs that tailors to your personal taste, based on stories you like.

Thoof news are contributed by its readers, like you and me. Once signed-up you can personalize your page. Just read what you like, and Thoof will take care of the rest by recommending reads that are similar. If you do not like the story, just click on 'Not Interesting' and it will not be recommended to you anymore.

Furthermore, you can add in tags by clicking on 'Improve' and suggesting it to the site and vote. This way, you will get more similar stories in the same tag. Articles can also be emailed to your friends you think whom may share your interest. You can even contribute your own news or stories.

So, instead of visiting dozens of websites and wasting more time, see only stories that you are interested in at Thoof!

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