Monday, August 13, 2007

Continuation of our day trip

Bored already? Don't lah.

I just want to add a short post on our drive there. I cannot stress enough on the beautiful scenery of Black Spur. There was a stretch where I could just look at the imposing Mountain Ash trees with awe and took it all in. I felt like a midget in the jungle of Lord of the Rings or something like that.

Before Black Spur, there is this quaint little town of Healesville. This is my third time passing by the town, with the first two times visiting Healesville Sanctuary, which features Australian wildlife such as the koalas, platypus, emus, Tazzie devils and wombats.

Now Wilkin is not quite an adventurer, as compared to myself. With every town that we passed by, I would love to take a walk and enjoy a cuppa, take in the picturesque towns. I noticed there is one very country looking cafe in Healesville town, and was very taken by it. Oh well, perhaps next time. As usual, Wilkin just zoomed by. Am sure he would have stopped if I asked him to, but I think he'd rather head straight home.

Another lovely place to visit is Sassafras in Mount Dandenong. The Tudor style cottages and shops never fail to give me a lovely warm feeling, and Miss Marples' scones are to die for! The area is something like our Smoke House in Cameron Highlands, but of course, this is much better.

If only my hubby can slow down and take the time to 'smell the flower'.....

Sounds like a tourist post, eh? Okay lar, I stop now.


mott said...

HA HA HA!!! You also described my hub. He's not to say, adventurous...he's just not TOURISTY!!! He hates looking at flowers, pictures (unless it's quirky) and places of interest.

We go ourselves next time la... WAKAKAKAKAKAKAAKAKAKAKAKAKAK!!!!

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! I miss Melbourne. Miss Maples' scones look so inviting!!! I must paln a visit soon.

Sweetpea said...

mott - u think we can dunk the kids to them for a night and we stay at dandenong ranges hor, ask them to pay for our mother's day treat, get a massage package..waahh

ECL - come come come. the place looks very english, very nice, i like :)

Simple American said...

I wanna make that drive. A proper English tea would have completed your day?

Sweetpea said...

SA - very much so. but hubby is not a perfect gentleman.