Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's a Hap Hap Happy Day

First appointment of the day, the maternal child health centre.

Aidan is on 90 percentile of his height and weight. As of today he weighs 18.6kg at 109.1cm tall. Not fleshy, but he's an active boy. The child health nurse is happy with the result, and I don't have to see her anymore, unless I have another baby, which......uh uh.

Sent Aidan to Cabena, and I went on to my second appointment. My tax accountant. Since there are some things which I do not understand with the online tax return forms, I thought I'd better leave it to the experts. I could have kissed her feet! If you read this post, I'll have you know she just quadrupled my refund.

But that's not all. If I can compile the receipts from the pharmacy where I purchased some scripts within the financial year, upon reaching a certain limit, I may be able to get offset on this item too.

God she's good.


Elly said...

feeling great now? *sigh* how 'early' is ur early bedtime la? saw u commenting past 1am! busy day at work still wanna log on meh?? yeah...bad habits r hard to break...u r addicted 2 it leh!

hey, nice pics of Aidan at school. Very handsome! must kiss kiss when i c him...soon!

Sweetpea said...

elly, that's the very thing. a busy day at work means my brain is still churning. it's not like when i was young-(ER!) that i can just drop and sleep.

now that i don't have much time to myself, all the more i need time ME time. and when else better than everyone is asleep? :)

Simple American said...

"unless I have another baby, which......uh uh"

Is that a blur "uh uh"?


A hell no "uh uh"?

Good going with the tax accountant. Hope to be doing the same for folks over here soon. How did you find her? I am marketing dunce and I need help badly in this regard.

Sweetpea said...

SA - hell no! uh uh !!

she's from HR Block http://www.hrblock.com.au/index.html

i have one 2 years back from the same company but different office. i didn't like that man, not much help. but this lady is good. she kept asking me questions like if i own a diary. i said no, she said i should have one for work, and continued to ask me how much my diary is *wink*. then with the diary, i need stationeries *wink wink*

how about that?! :P

mott said...

pssttt...pls share tax accountant's name when I'm there ah...PUHLEAAASSSEEEEEE!!!!!!


Sweetpea said...

haha... no probs. but u have to come to chadstone then :) and buy me a gloria jeans coffee :P

Simple American said...

Did not realize they have H&R Block outside of the US.

Sweetpea said...

SA - ooh, they are countrywide here. but it really depends on the accountant we see. some couldn't care less, like my hubby's accountant. i just got him and my BIL to switch to this lady. hmm.. like this i must charge her commission.

on the other hand, am afraid my FIL will be upset at me becoz i've just taken away 2 customers from his friend. hahaha!