Friday, August 10, 2007

Sentimental Wedding Favors

I had three wedding dinners in three different countries. That is the highlight of my life.

But one thing I do regret not having, is that we did not prepare any wedding favors for our relatives and friends.

There are many online stores specializing in a wide variety of favors and accessories to suit every couples' needs. Favors from under $1 such as cute little soaps and candles to the more extravagant ones, all can be personalized to your needs.

Some have monthly prizes drawing to win gift certificates towards the purchase of wedding favors and accessories, as well as discounts with the coupon code. Whatever suits your budget. Brides and grooms for this year, start organizing. 08th August 2008 is an auspicious date. Make an early order to avoid disappointment.

Already wedded? No worries, try looking at online sites for baby shower favors and party favors. You'll need them ;P


Happysurfer said...

Hi! I found your post interesting so thought I'd drop by to tell you that and also that I picked your post to write mine.

Btw, that's a very nice sketch - of mother and child.

Happy blogging!

Sweetpea said...

hi happysurfer, thanks for giving me an extra buck to spend when yours get selected :)

it's not a sketch, but an actual pic. i fiddled around with 'photo studio' and came up with this :)

Anonymous said...

hello! nice post you got there=)
it's very informative and useful especially for those who are in need of Wedding Favors And Accessories.

awsome pic of mother and child..
keep it up!:-)