Sunday, August 19, 2007

Separation Anxiety or Guilt?

Children are not the only creatures of routine.

Mothers as well. Well, at least I can speak for myself. Two more sleeps and I will be going to the Princess Theatre to watch Phantom of the Opera (POTO). And I can't help but feel guilty for being away for four nights consecutively. Three for working and Tuesday night for the play.

It is so different when he is at kinder, and I go shop. It is a routine. It is just that I feel really bad to have a good time by myself, on other times that Aidan is at home and not spending time with him. What will he think? On Saturday Wilkin and I decided that he will take Aidan to the park and I will do some house chores. Barely 10 minutes, they were home again, both faces looking sombre.

Aidan didn't want to get down from the car without me. Should I feel proud? Relieved? Or oh-oh? He knows that on weekends we spend the time together, the three of us. And for one not to be present, it is not right. But I guess if it was the other way round, it would have been okay. Therefore I feel even worse leaving him for POTO.

But I have been waiting for this night for months! Ah well, Mummy needs to have some fun too. I hope.


Simple American said...

Of course mommy needs some time off. How can wait until he is 18?

Sweetpea said...

SA - ya. i'll have a ball tonight :)