Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday at the backyard

Today we discovered Surrey Park near Boxhill where there were lots of model boats in a lake. Some went chug-a-chugging and some were speeding. There were duckies too. And a play area just next to it.

Aidan couldn't contain he excitement. So excited he was I saw him shivering twice and asked if he needed to wee, he said no. And at the last minute, he nearly took off his pants at the dock! Wilkin had to rush him to the nearby bush, no toilet facilities, and relieved himself. In fact, I was admiring a very old abandoned building when I saw this man standing behind a tree. I was actually staring at his direction before that, so I guess the man thought I was staring him for a good 5 seconds. But I didn't see anything, hehehe.

There was a small boat tied up by the lake, and Aidan wanted to have a go at it. Well, of course he couldn't. And it dawned on me then that we can have a boat ride when summer comes. Only problem is that where to find such a place, hmmm. I had to bribe him with lemonade before he agreed to leave.

And here on, a post by Aidan Chan.

Child labour! Mummy made me water her garden before I can have my snack treat. She is very lazy to do it because she always say 'It is cold outside!'

But I did a good job, because the flowers are very pretty in our garden. Ngook! (Look!)

Pinish my job. Can I have my treat now?

I wurve Milo powder. Can I have yoghurt next?

Dis is Patrick and Puppy. I like calling Patrick 'Bear' and don't like his red jacket. Mummy always put it on and I have to take it off again. Mummy says I am very troublesome because now I carry two with me wherever I go. And a big one too!

Patrick has two other friends, Nicholas and Henry. They are yearly Christmas presents for me from Aunty Leigh, Mummy's very good friend.

*Note : Bears are Christmas Bears from Grace Myers Bros. collection


eastcoastlife said...

Ooooo.... the flowers are lovely! Why can't I have such pretty flowers here in Singapore! grrr....

I want the bears!!!

Sweetpea said...

ECL - gimme your add, i'll send this year's christmas bear to you, haha!

shooi said...

Aidan looked so cute in his green rubber boots.

jazzmint said...

aiya mommy so teruk never water plants kekeke

Sweetpea said...

shooi - it's a pair of crocs given to him as a present two years ago. i like it too :)

jazzmint - lazy to go out lar, so cold some more touch the icy water. eeeeeeee~

Mommy to Chumsy said... have so many lovely flowers in your garden. You not only cook well, you plant well too eh? ;D

Sweetpea said...

err... i dare not take credit for it wor.. i just plant them in and that's it, hahaha. hubby did the watering mostly in winter! :P

shooi said...

Hi, you have been tagged here

J@n!ce said...

Lovely flowers !! Aidan so sweet to help you with the gardening :)

PEARLY said...

hi dear
wow !like that also can't huh! lazy to water the flower make little aidan to do or els...........
alamah .... but lucky he is a gud boy look all those flower so lovely all thank to the little one weldon boy xxxxxx

Simple American said...

Teach him young.

He waters the plants.
The plants grow
You lemoade him.
And he just has to go. :P

Sweetpea said...

pearly - heehee, well at least he enjoys playing with water :P

SA - eh! no lemonade everyday! this is pure rainwater or recycled from the laundry one :P but OONNCCEE in a blue moon, pee on some lar. hahahaha

Sweetpea said...
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