Friday, August 31, 2007

What makes a good retail salesperson?

If you have seen this post, you will know why and when I got these two little goldfishies.

When I first bought the tank and gravel last week, the assistant was very helpful in suggesting and explaining what I need. She pointed out to me what fish is best for the tank without a pump, got me a starter pack, the lot. I told her it was a present for my husband, and would like to keep it there until Tuesday, and she put everything aside for me.

Being in retail sales myself, I can put myself in both sides of the shoes. This is what I like and what keeps customer going back. There are a thousand and one characters and I can talk till the cows come home, but I'll just say what I like in a sales person.

Helpful and friendly. That's it. Of course, product knowledge is a must, but everyone has to start somewhere. I don't mind a newbie waiter serving, so long he is courteous and willing to help and learn. In Melbourne, so far the sales people that served me were good. Some, you know when that person has got a attitude problem.

If you want to be in retail, you have to have 'that' trade. Even if you are faking it. That is what my hubby usually says, haha. Otherwise, sit in your cubicle and brood. Don't let your customers cop your mood just because you don't feel like serving. Having a monthly? Get a sicky. Anyway, this was the attitude I got when I got back to the pet shop to get the present. It was another assistant. Now I go to another branch where this girl is so bubbly, it's contagious!

I get great satisfaction when I am able to help my customers find something, or suggest just so he can make a decision. The most memorable one was this man couldn't decide which mouthguard to choose for his son. He was absolutely clueless, plus I could see he was hesitant with the price. It was expensive. I explained to him and also told him that there are more in another section. Sometimes we have to be subtle when it comes to pricing. He was very thankful and complimented me on my assistance. It made my night.

I am not saying I am totally the best. I am generally very pleasant and helpful, so long you don't step on my toes, or tail. Some customers are real a**h***s, and do not deserve such treatment. Can't wait to get rid of them. Just give me the money and go go go! Shoo!


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

heya! Happy Merdeka day for you ah!! So patriotic!

wah.. u really sound like a good salesperson... I pity the aunties and ah mahs... sure gonna 'con' buy u easily to buy

Kok said...

I just encounter a rude guy taking my booking for a rock climbing event I am trying to organised. This guy was so rude that I feel like slapping him. Luckily he's better the second time I called. If not, no business for him...

Simple American said...

Good customer service gets me back everytime. I like the guy that sold me my phone. So I will introduce him to my daughter. Hey she needs a new phone. Too young for dating. :P

Sweetpea said...

kev - merdeka for me is a holiday! all holidays i like :) and it's not called 'con', it's called complimentary selling. u buy cold and flu tabs, i also sell u vitamin c :P hehehhe

kok - the trouble is that he won't probably even bother, coz it may not his business. on our end, if u can't get thru a rude salesperson, try another person. no point talking to this one. but since he realized he's got a big business here, probably a good commission too, hopefully he will brush up his act :)

that's exactly how it works isn't it? rude service, fine, we just don't come back. simple.

SA - hmmm.. see the chain effect? wah, u get her a phone, she can do phone-dating leh! :P