Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Accepting Reality

And it's the honest, brutal truth.

Yet, this calls for a toast, I should say. See, I still have these clothes from the years where I had the bumble bee waist, a washboard tummy. All nicely folded in a box under my bed. Right underneath me. Never far from me after all these years.

Every single year when there is a change of season, I would put something in, take something out accordingly, but these clothings will remain at the bottom. Every year I kept telling myself, I will lose weight and regain my shape of those glorious years. And every year, I kept hanging onto those clothes.

Today, I took them all out and put them in a large bin liner, ready to be thrown into one of those donation bins. I have finally accepted the fact that no matter how slim I try to get, it will NEVER be that size. Body shapes change over the years, what more with pregnancies battering our bodies. Plus, I am not that young ciku, or someone like Posh Beck who drinks only Pu-Erh and eats only small handful of shrimps.

I have accepted the fact that although I can't have my dream figure back, I look alright for my age.

Here's a toast to an old chook who is letting go of the past and loving her figure today. (But who doesn't mind a little lipo if she ever strikes the Tatts)



Hi Sweet pea

There is another request from a blogger who is looking for her long lost sister.

I have linked your blog in the article as our certified partner and hope that you can join us for the search.

Thank you so much. Hope your kindness will be repaid
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Have a great week ahead..
Take care.

~Kindness goes a long way~

Simple American said...

I have done the same. Never will I be able to squeeze into my old military uniforms.

But I think you look super. Michelle Yeow ain't got nuthin' on you.

mott said...

yea la... i think the body (ribs and hips) expands after pregnancy. Or at least that's what I tell myself. It's impossible to wear those lil tees..and pants somehow!!!!!!!! everyone else, trust me...she looks hot! REALLY HOT!

Sweetpea said...

NAFA - thanks. will try to do a post soonest possible

SA - but military clothes is one you will keep, am sure! but can get rid of the undies, hahaha! thanks for the compliment *blush* now if only i can make millions like her :)

mott - yaler, HAVE to tell ourselves that lor. hot meh? i'll go for her hubby anytime :)

NomadicMom said...

*sigh* tell me about it... I am still keeping loads of my old clothes...hoping that I can fit into them some day. Really "mm-saer-takk" to throw.

eastcoastlife said...


*Notes: Sweetpea is very hot! Motts hubby is very hot!* hehehe....

Sweetpea said...

nomadicmom - cannot mm saer takk liao. there is NO WAY i can fit into mine :(

ECL - yakah? motts hubby hot meh? MUST MEET HIM!! kekekekee