Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ashes to ashes...

Dust to dust.

Aidan's great-grandfather is finally buried today at the Necropolis.

Things went smoothly but it was still hectic for everyone. It has been a busy day for me, as well as having to work as well. Good night then, bloggers. Will be back in full action soon, I hope :) And yeah, sorry about the tags. Don't worry, they will be done, but at a slower pace.

Buenas noches~


PEARLY said...

you take it easy xxx sleep well kiss kiss hug hug to the little Aidan

Simple American said...

Hope you had a good rest.

My condolences.

Sweetpea said...

pearly - sleep well for sure. but can't really take it easy. am sure u know when u try to do that, the workload piles up, and you have to work double then :P

SA - i did have a good sleep, thanks. maybe i should start 'one early night' weekly :)