Thursday, September 13, 2007

Coming down with chest infection?

I have been coughing heaps and today is especially bad. Seemed bronchial to me. Will have to see the doc tomorrow and confirm my suspicion, see if this Dr. Quack is correct in diagnosing herself or not :P

Never liked cough syrup, never took them. Yeah I can go on forever telling customers which syrup to take, what complimentary medicine or vitamins to add on, see a doctor if the phlegm is dark, green and gunky, but the person who talks the most is the person who never wants to see the doc, who never takes or finishes her own medication, and would rather be sorry and sick than to take antibiotics.

That person is me lar!

Wilkin always said I am stubborn, but I am my mother's daugther hor. She can look like a dead duck, obviously very sick and uncomfortable, yet keep telling us that she is fine. Just need a little rest. So don't blame me, heh.

But I guess I'd better go see the doc tomorrow, coz I don't want to be coughing all the way till October and all the way to Malaysia, do I? Sigh... hate medicine. But gimme slimming pills, I'd take them anytime! :P

Gotta go. Aidan is talking in his sleep. Sshhh..... I hear excerpts from Rabbit and Tigger.

Too much Winnie the Pooh ni!


PEARLY said...

hi yeah better see DR la no joke for cheat infection my dear as you have say you are going back home to enjoy allthose lovely food in MALAYSIA HEHEH. TAKE YOUR MEDICATION OK BE GUD GURL FOR ONCE XXXX

Sweetpea said...

pearly - as of this time, i have yet to see the doc :P but will definitely do, perhaps tomorrow :P i know! i am bad!

The New Parent said...

Hi Sweetpea---better to see Dr. and not mess around with a chest infection. Too much coughing not good either.

Go to the DR. (smile)!

L'abeille said...

Aiyor...another stubborn girl like me. Eh go see the DR lah..

IMMomsDaughter said...

Get well soon. Coughing's no good if you wanna eat Nasi Lemak, Chicken Curry, Daging Rendang, etc....heh heh....take care ya.

LiL'deviL said...

I just had a series of cold and cough myself. I'm actually glad that I got infected now so I'll have the antibodies for my trip back to KL...hopefully. I also don't like cough syrup but the last time I caught a cold I discovered Codral for cold and cough so I bought that. There has been twice that when I realised I was going to be sick so I took the pills a few times and then I was okay. But this time I forgot to take it so kena lor.

Sweetpea said...

hi all, thanks for the concern. i will definitely go, soon :)

lil'devil - codral and sudafed are selling like lollies here. they are not meant to be taken as preventative measure, but to relief you from the symptoms like blocked and runny nose, headache, fever and body aches, and dry cough only, if you bought the one with cough suppresant.

if u want prevention, load up your vit.c intake. when u do have a cold, 4-6grams per day for 5 days is recommended. it will help speed up the recovery time. as vit. c is water soluble, the worse side effect you can get from overdosing is just a little diarrheoa.

i pandai cakap only, but am not taking any :P