Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Err... Happy Mooncake Festival arr

I kind of forgot it's Mooncake Festival Day.

I remembered it last night, when there was a full moon, and a lunatic came to the chemist at the stroke of midnight, when we were out the door. She looked at us quizically and asked 'Isn't it 11 o'clock?' Our pharmacist said no, it was already twelve.

And so we went our own ways to our cars, when this woman walked towards the pharmacist and another colleague of mine, waving the umbrella at them, all of the sudden shouted 'F***face!!'

She mumbled mumbled mumbled, walked past me, and shouted the same thing many times. We ran to our cars like crazy! Today, I left a message in their Facebook, asking them if they realized it was a full moon.

Anyway, nothing happening here. This morning a friend brought a little mooncake to the pool for the kids, and then another friend mentioned there won't be any place in the restaurant tonight when I told her to eat out because her water supply is not back on yet, and she was having guests over for dinner! I thought, what's with tonight? Why so full? Oh yeah, Mooncake Festival.

Happy mooning. I'll light a few sparklers with Aidan now.


Sue said...

a lot of crazy people around..hehe

Sasha said...

full moon....izit linked to the thing u spoke to me about ah..

Peng said...

Happy Mooncake ~

Sweetpea said...

sue - oh yes. what has it got to do with the moon is a mystery to me

sasha - i spoke so many things with u, which one arr? forgive me lar, old and forgetful liao :P

peng - yeah, u eat lots! malaysia got so many flavours!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

not mooncake fes leh ooi! it's mid autumn fes! No mooncake fes one! LOL