Friday, September 07, 2007

Good morning Mummy!

No response from me.

Good morning Mummy!

I didn't move.

Then he moved really close to my face. Like, IN my face?

Good morning Mummy!

I can smell him. So sweet. Hahaha... A real persistent little rascal. I smiled and said good morning to him, and he asked for his milk. I groaned and said Noh! He found it funny and laughed. He asked for it again and I said No way! He laughed some more, and said 'Siwee Mummy' (Silly Mummy)

Groan. Had to get up and fix his milk. I went back to bed. At least I will have a couple of minutes peace now. Not too bad today. I looked at the clock and it was 8.20am. When he was done, I was squashed again. He tried everything possible to wake me up. The gentle stroking of my hair, the sweet words of Mummy, wake up. Nothing from me.

Then, the rough tactic. Sat on me while bouncing up and down, put the icy cold torch light on my face, squashed my face with both hands and gave it to me left and right! There was a moment I thought I really had my neck done in when his knee landed on my shoulder. I had this brief thought of what if I was paralysed by this and we can't get any help! Scary! He's not exactly a lightweight, you know.

That got me wide awake. And yeah, he was happy when I sat up.


L'abeille said...

As a single lady, I am currently sleeping lesser than I should. Parents and friends [married with kids] told me to enjoy more snooze as you'll regret later when you've your own kids! Sleep=luxury.

Now I read your story...and dang! it's scary!!

Sweetpea said...

oh dear. don't let mine put you off. not every baby is a rascal like mine :P but yes.. enjoy your sleep :)

mr fong said...

Haha, rascal...He's so cute.

Next time when he's a teenager wake him up like that! :D

Sweetpea said...

mr fong - u bet! i swack his backside too!

L'abeille said...

Mm..come to think of it, we need to be thankful that our kids are active and bubbly. It shows that they've happy and most importantly healthy!

Cheers sleepy mommy! hahahaha

eastcoastlife said...

Bad mommy. Why did you ignore Aidan?

hehe.... I agree with l'abeille, you have a healthy and happy kid!
Now that my son is 15, he doesn't 'disturb' me anymore. How I wish he would. I miss his manja.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, how nice that you have the luxury to sleep way past 8am! I'm up by 6:15am latest everyday, Mon-Sun :(

Kok said...

That's so sweet! hehe.

Sweetpea said...

l'abeille - no doubt about that! but we complain about everything, don't we? :P

ECL - i know. must cherish this moment. few years down the track he may just be too embarassed to kiss me at school.

HFM - not luxury. am full time with him during the day and work 4 nights a week till midnight wor. now that he doesn't take afternoon naps anymore i can't even have forty winks to replenish my energy for work leh. pity me lar :P

kok - he is 80% angel and 20% rascal :)

Simple American said...

Have you considered wearing protective padding? Sleeping is deadly at your house. kekeke Just kidding.

Sweetpea said...

SA - u'd think double layer of doona will do the trick! :P