Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I may be jobless soon

See, our store didn't have enough staff at the moment, and our boss got this girl from his city store to fill in some shifts.

This young ciku donno where to shit. There is this communication book in the store for us staff to leave messages between day and night staff. After working for a few times, her first message in the book was that she calling us 'vipers' not to write anything in the book if we have nothing nice to write about.

Fine. If it was meant to be a joke, fine. Although our funnybones don't quite tickle.

Second time, it was attentioned to our boss, saying she 'Hate' our communication book. Reminded her of the godfather or what the foog, only she understands. Hello, it is a workplace comm. book, not your personal use. Duh??!

If she hated it that much, don't read, don't write lar, right? Anyway, fine. Not attentioned to us wat, we didn't bother.

Sunday. She left a long message. Reminded us xxx staff to really look at it. And that message pissed everyone off. Something like:

To all xxx Night Staff (except for xxx, xxx and xxx), - why the exception we don't know, but we know for sure one told her off saying her message is disgusting.

Note the attention to only night staff. Us. Me. Her story was that it is very disrespectful to just up and leave without giving any notice, and that other staff are inconvenienced by picking up the last minute shifts. And some other blood-boiling stuff.

First and foremore, if it was directed at someone who has already left (one just did), what is her point? That girl won't be back to read it. And for her to write Night Staff, that is already pointing fingers. She hasn't worked with any of us before at night. What does she know about us? We worked in harmony so far, and she is the trouble maker right now. Everyone who read the last message picked up the pen, only to be stopped by another colleague, saying that this is exactly what the nutcase wants. Response. Retaliation.

I held back for a day, but tonight when another colleague commented in pen, I couldn't stop myself. How dare she butt into the store and start making comments. Who is she in the store anyway? What does she know about how we deal with things? When we picked up her shift earlier in the evening, she didn't bother saying hi to any of us, and didn't bother to tell us what has been done and what hasn't. So blardy hypocrite for telling us there is no team work.

What I wrote was:

1. Vipers?
2. Hate?
3. xxx staff (aren't you one?)
Please do not generalise if you do not know what is going on in here.
Quote:"Do not write anything in here if you have nothing nice to write about" - what she wrote in her first message.

Nothing too bad, right? She has to be put into her place. Many of us find her intolerable. Airhead. High-pitched. So why I may be losing my job?

Well, if you are Melburnian, she lives in Toorak.

Toorak = For the rich only.

Miss High and Mighty's parents are boss' good friends. Or so we think. Boss always seem to favour her. One day I wore black blouse with slack, and he said to me 'Pretty casual are we?' but he seems to be okay with her wearing boots over jeans. ?????

So, if I lose my job, it's because I 'tuck joi' (offended) this rich, stuck-up pea-brained airhead.


L'abeille said...

Don't get too "low hei" with peasized brainers...

Have a break....and do a tag ;p


Kok said...

I think she's pretty brainless. Just ignore any of her messages...

babyfiona said...

wuah! such a B*tch she is!

mott said...

aiya... young ciku.. ignore la.

just be a professional..and nobody can say you're not!

Sweetpea said...

everyone - that's what we are trying to do. but at the same time, she needs some telling off, otherwise she thinks she can get away with anything just bcoz she is 'someone'.

we're definitely going to talk it out with the boss when i next go in. i am already expecting his call today, but nothing, hehe.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

reading this made me 'boil' too :D just hate people like that. probably your boss know what sort of a person she is but can't do anything as her parents are his friends. don't worry too much ;D you have a lot of experience in this line and it'll be his loss to lay you off, which i'm sure he won't.

Sasha said...

dun angry ....do this tag la


Sweetpea said...

Wh - oh u don't know him. when he likes the person, he'll see through the flaws. he cannot afford to lose any of us as we are operating on skeleton staff, but he will do it if things doesn't work his way. sucks i know, but so far i am in his good books. not so sure now, hehe :P

sasha - wei, first one not done yet, ANOTHER ONE! u wanna kena spank liao :P

Simple American said...

If you lost your job for this, then I don't think it is much of a loss. Employees like this can really screw up the whole work environment. Then they will have a lot of turnover which could hurt customer service. So let them reap what they sow.

Sweetpea said...

yeah, if u read my above comment u will roughly know what kind of boss i have. i manage to stay this long becoz i work at night and don't have to work with him.

shern's mom said...

ouch, she's such a pain in the ass..

Sweetpea said...

shern - she is. plus she's got this high pitched irritating voice as well.. eeee!