Monday, September 24, 2007

Original brand or generic?

Much hype and discussions has been going on about medication, on whether to purchase a brand name or go for the generic.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of it, especially it is something that is to be taken orally, and that affects the wellbeing of the patients. ED treatment methods varies from oral medications, penile implants, vacuum devices, sex therapy, alternatives and nasal sprays.

Erectile Dysfunction is not something that every man is willing to talk about. To get scripts filled at the pharmacy may cause embarassment for them. is the solution where customers can buy brand name or generics through their recommended sites. The site includes a blacklist and a whitelist. The blacklist notes some online pharmacies which are deemed as frauds and the whitelist recommends reputable online pharmacies comparison. It will help customers make the right decisions.

Apart from that, provides valuable information about ED treatment methods, selecting an Online Pharmacy and testimonials.

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