Monday, September 24, 2007

Science for you


Any kind soul?

Glass bowl belongs to my in-laws. My SIL made potato salad on Saturday, and when we finally finished the yummy food, I washed it yesterday, ready to be returned to its rightful owner.

The plate is mine. I was soap rinsing the dishes, and absent-mindedly placed the plate in the bowl. Then when it was time to rinse them, I couldn't get the plate out! I tried hot water on the bowl and cold water in the plate.... didn't budge.

Any science genius or Martha Stewart wannabes to my rescue? Pretty please?


mott said...

how COOL!!!! Ur modified cake is so DAMN COOL!!! U're right..the choc thingy..looked...weird!!!!

I'm so glad he had a grand time!!!!

Aidan...ur present delay sikit ah...coz aunty come first, then give u ok??!!

mott said...

aiyo aiyo aiyo yo yo yo!!!!

*wrings hands* i no genius or m.s leh..........HOW????

try...putting liquid detergent directly on it. hope it'll slip out?

tapping it gently...pray it'll slip out???

break one of it? Sigh....i don't know..I hope the others will give u better suggestions!

Vien said...

Have you tried soaking it with soapy water? If that doesn't work, put some cooking oil around the rim of the plate. The hot/cold method will make it worse.

Peng said...

simple break the bowl and get a new one for your SIL :P

joy said...

Have you solved the plate and bowl crisis yet? If not, try this: cold things contract and hot expand. So place ice the plate and dip the bowl in warm water. They will come apart very easily. Hope this helps.

Your Love Coach

Sweetpea said...

aunty mott - nevermind. janji got present :P

may try yours and vien's solution first, see how it goes. if cannot, then try joy's. becoz i have to make some ice leh!

last last, if cannot, have to try peng's. hahaha... this is the easiet!

Simple American said...

Give it to Aidan. Kids can fix anything.

Sweetpea said...

SA - well, yes. while i have no doubt about that, that will be the last thing i would do :P

jazzmint said...

wow so taiwok...ermm..i guess gotta soak in soapy water and shake it up abit, hope can come out....