Saturday, September 15, 2007

Aidan's early present

Went for my long needed colour and trim. The colouring and haircut part wasn't that exciting, but the massage during shampoo and conditioning was absolute bliss! How I wish the girl would go on forever.

Made today a 'housechores' day changing the sheets and completed two loads of washing. It's time for my woollen wear to be boxed up and put away till next winter. Wilkin cleaned up the backyard for next weekend's barbeque, and Aidan soaked himself again in a puddle of water. I heard you. What's new?

But in between chores, we managed to get to ToysRUs at Chaddy's. I normally despise going to Chaddy on the weekend, unless we are really early, because I hate looking for a parking space. But Wilkin wanted to get Aidan a birthday present, which he won't have the time next week.

Now being parents of a toddler becoming a little boy, we are very ignorant about Hot Wheels. Aidan has some cars given to him two Christmases ago, and only recently I allowed him to play with it. Wilkin now wants to get him a theme playset, something with garage that can store the cars in. I showed him something like a square box where it can store up to 24 cars, and he said it's not it. I have no idea what he has in mine. Can anyone enlighten me here? Elly?

Meantime, Aidan got hold of this one and didn't want to let it go. He already has the Figure 8 Starter Pack. But anyway, his Dada bought it for him.

Back home, I tried telling him many times not to open it yet. Do you think he'll listen? It's not always the case that he gets to walk away from ToysRUs and actually have something to carry with him from the store!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

winter is over already?? btw, done your tag ;D

L'abeille said...

New hairstyle? Can show us or not ar?

Aiyor.. I salute if your little boy is able to wait till next week to open his birthday present because I know I can't hehe..

jazzmint said...

wow...that's a great set. Yah, boys never listen one huh, not ours only, even mine oso at the age of 1+

Sweetpea said...

WH - wow. huh? what did i tag you? :P haha

l'abeille - not new hairstyle lar, just a trim, so no show :P i think u got me wrong. aidan couldn't wait! so I had to open it up and spent like 20mins assembling it for him

jazzmint - the males are miraculously great at this! :)

Elly said...

waaah...i hvnt got Mika any new toys from hotwheels for quite sometime now...his playroom is full of them n some other toys r collecting dusts now! He still plays with his hot wheels n matchbox things. Wht kind of set does Wilkin wants to get Aidan? Mika has a whole set of hotwheels city, bought them separately n he will just put it all out on the city playmat which is quite huge. He has the airport, car wash, car workshop, garage, pizza hut, McD, petrol station, pirate ship, elevated carpark n etc etc n he just lines up all his cars there to play n hop from one place to another. Guess hotwheels & matchbox hv many playsets and c wht Aidan likes...The highway set is great to start with...then am sure he will get u to buy more n more! Mika is still collecting...has around 150 cars! *sigh* or if Aidan likes to race with Wilkin, then can get him those race playsets and later add on tracks separately. Hv fun! BTW, he can play alone on the city theme playsets and just let him imagine.

allthingspurple said...

my guess is dada is happier with the purchase than the little one is.

Simple American said...

He just wants to practive for his birthday.

Hot Wheels are so cool. I remember having those. Very sturdy. Can handle a lot of abuse. haha Don't I know.

Sweetpea said...

elly - *rub eyes, squint, read again* shake head in disbelief!* am i reading right? i know there are lots of themes, but surely not the infinity?! but well, guess wat, found a 2 level carpark, not hotwheels though, at reject shop for $20! haven't bought it yet. wanna go this time without him around. will hold it off till christmas :)

ATP - heh, u are not quite right there. i was the one who assembled everything. dada is more into remote cars :P

SA - hhmm... i think you may still have the collection tucked away somewhere..

Simple American said...

No. But my son was able to build up his own collection. He even let me play. :P