Friday, September 21, 2007

Where does domestic violence end?

What happens to a woman who marries a man with a violent streak?

Bashed? Battered? Bruised? Broken?


This is Pumpkin, name dubbed by the clothes she was wearing (Pumpkin Patch) when she was found at the Southern Cross Station, formerly Spencer Street Station.

This is her father, Michael Zue, who left her there hours after arriving from Auckland, and made a dash to the USA, after dumping his wife's battered body in the boot of his car.

This is Annie Liu, his wife who had a love affair months before she was killed.

While I do agree that she may had done the wrong thing morally, she was looking for someone who could care for her emotionally. Michael Xue is reportedly a selfish and hard man, with a few domestic violence reports of the family over the past year. His 22 year old daughter ran away from home 5 years ago, being not able to take her father's harsh ways anymore.

Whoever that is right or wrong, Pumpkin now does not have a family, does not have a home. She had done nothing to deserve such a life. In a moment of rage, it blinded her father's eyes. I would think he had not meant to kill, or he would have harmed Pumpkin too. But it's just me thinking.

For women who have abusive husbands, LEAVE. They can promise you the world each and everytime after hitting you, after feeling guilty, but a leopard never changes its spots. I am not proud to admit I had such a relationship, but it had made me see so much clearer, and accept the fact that my 'imperfect' husband is actually..... perfect.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

read abt this news yesterday. so they found mother's body? sigh...
:( poor little pumpkin

Sweetpea said...

they found the body days after she went missing, all the while in the boot of the car! police did do a search around the car, looking and shining a torch into the car, but never opened the boot!

Annie Q said...

*sigh* Sad sad sad! I dont know what to said..:(

PEARLY said...

I read this from your post , is really sad to see a little gurl had been hurt so bad by her our dad abd her poor mum kill by such a hubby , yes you are right it make us think ......our darling mightnot give us everything we want but there give us a roof to keep warm food on the table a peace of mind ......and never hurt us and kids we should thank for it ..
life wasn't so bad for us to someone like pumkin poor little gurl so sad for her .

Sweetpea said...

annie and pearly - most probably she is going back to china with her maternal grandparents. donnoleh, but at least she still have relatives..

Sugar Queens Dream said...

That was a wonderful post and I'm sure not easy to write. Domestic abuse is never right but in our world it happens . I hope that pumpkin gets an even better home now and a new set of parents who are strong enough to raise her.....