Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beautiful Favors for all Occasions

I had a small wedding and in a foreign country. If given an opportunity to turn back the clock, I would like to have a grand wedding, to feel like a princess and arrange for all wedding and bridal shower favors, complete with gifts for hen's and buck's nights. And being an Asian couple, a pair of personalized chopsticks for every guests would be perfect.

I also missed out on the celebrations of Aidan's birth. has such great baby shower favors, it makes me feel like having a second baby just because of it! But I guess I can always use their birthday party favors, and their amazing table centerpieces which stands out and will surely be an envy to every child in the party room.

And because I did not get to be a princess on my wedding day, I am looking forward to becoming the Queen of the Day on our 10th anniversary wedding. This time, I will have the chance to organize the party I want, and plan some elegant looking anniversary favors, or personalized mint tins which I guess everyone will actually get a chance to use it.

Whatever the occasion is, has the perfect gift for my guests. I am actually quite surprised at the prices quoted given the great choices of gifts and beautiful packagings.

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