Saturday, October 06, 2007

Early riser... yikes!

Tough luck for me.

Aidan has been waking up VERY early. As early as seven in the morning, or I think it may be even before seven. All I know is that some morning when Wilkin gets ready for work, he is already up and by the time he comes to disturb me in my bed, he has already drunk his milk.

Mama, Mama, wake up!


Mama, Mama, come out! (To the living room, that is)


Mama, Mama, wee wee arr!

Now, THAT, is really a lame excuse. He can go to the toilet himself, all day, all night, but why is it that the first wee of the day, he has to drag me up to just see him pee? Not that he needs any help! This little rascal just want to torture me! Aaaarrrgghhhh.....!! Help!

Term Three starts on Monday, and that's the end of my sleep-ins, if there was any, sigh...

By the way, I have gone from being Ahmee to Mummy and now to Mama. Why Mama? Check out the characters in Winnie the Pooh. Funnily though, for Wilkin, it has gone from Dada to Daady. No, that's not a typo error. It IS Daady.

What next?


jazzmint said...

my boy also the same, but since he don't know how to talk, he'd nudge his head all over us aiyoo....

Sweetpea said...

i guess we shouldn't complain so much eh? coz when they are older they won't even bother :P