Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have finally started to pack today, after much procrastination.

The main reason being hating the kind of smell my clothes will get when I pack them in too early. But no sweat, coz this time my suitcase is full to the brim, 80% of the stuff are orders, heh.

I am proud of myself this time because I have actually only chosen a few comfy clothes to pack in and that's it. Unlike the pass, there will be two for casual, one for casual evening, two for sleep, two for tis and tat. Shoes also kena pack in two pairs. This trip, wear runners, pack canvas. Reckon I won't be going anywhere fancy anyway, and for so many previous times, quite a number of clothes were not even worn.

Not enough Ts? BUY!
Not enough shoes? BUY!
Not enough undies? BUY!

Chewaah... so rich hor? Buy from pasar malam only lar! Doing Aidan's summer PJs shopping at the same place pun. Thin and cheap. Adapun I nak tanya. Where can I buy a cheap cheap inflatable pool for my little rascal to play in? Coz I don't want to take it back here. Pray tell.


whoelse said...

remember your swimsuit ar !

Sweetpea said...

pack liao! :P

Annie Q said...

I got mine from one of the online baby store. It's their anniversary sale i got it like RM39.90 only!!! It's so big! I will look see look see and let u know ;)

Sweetpea said...

annie - thanks... but i only want a small one wor. enuff for him to put some pots and pans in, cukup. haha.. thanks yar.