Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hire A Hubby

You read me right.

My dear hushand has not been fulfilling his husbandly duties. He lacked of performance in a few areas, so I had no choice, but to hire a hubby to do the job he couldn't possibly do.

I called Hire-A-Hubby on Tuesday and told this guy I needed a fix real quick. He asked me if he could come over that evening and I said no, because dear husband would be home. Told him he could come over Wednesday morning, and he arrived at my doorstep on the dot. Prompt guy, I like.

I told him helplessly that I needed someone urgent and desperately to fix my leaking.........



PIPES, OF COURSE! Sorry, what were you thinking again?

I had two leaking pipes, in fact, one at the laundry sink and the other the hot water tap at the bath. Then we had to fix the lock to the front door before we go away for our holiday. And while we are at it, I asked him how much to replace a flyscreen, and surprisingly, it was cheap.

This man named Peter, he is about a50 odd I think, and he presents himself so clean, ironed pants with creases, he looked more like a bank manager than a handyman. So on Friday, we had everything all fixed up. We got a new lock, new flyscreen, no more leaking taps, and I got him to cut to size the Winnie the Pooh blinds on clearance at $10 each at Spotlight, to fix in Aidan's room.

So wives, and hubbies too, if you think you need a job fixed, even building a deck at the backyard, check this out:

Hire A Hubby

*Psst, somehow I was expecting a hunky guy, like the drawing they put up in their site. Think I can sue them for false advertising?



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Mommy to Chumsy said...

LOL. Is there a hire a wife service available?

The New Parent said...

Hi SP--such a funny post--could be good for all husbands, eh, no more work around the house (wink)? said...

I thought for real then I probably need one too :P

Jacelyn Chew said...

hey, u r naughty ya! i thought u r really seeing someone else wor?!! hehehe...if yes, then i have more story to read here lo.... :D

me too. sorry for not visiting lately. very busy with own job nowadays.

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Haha... i'm guessing ur making this up right? the part about u hiring one! Haha..

Sweetpea said...

kev - i did hire one! seriously! hubby really couldn't do the work. the reason i didn't want my hubby is around when the guy came around to look at the job is that i didn't want hubby saying this is mahal, that is mahal (biasalar!), i wanted things fixed!

JO-N said...

First time here and was lured to read this. Hahaha...interesting title.

Sweetpea said...

hi nafa - will look into that, thanks :)

WH - a lot lar, only they don't call hire a wife. they call housekeepers? or maids? or aides? doesn't sound as nice hor?

TNP - that's a good point, but i guess if hubbies can do the job, they'd rather keep the money in their own pocket, yes? :)

etcetera~mommy - it IS for real, only thing is that SG calls it handyman :P

jacelyn - eh, u think for real i'll blog up for the whole world to read meh? like this suami already saman for cerai liao!

Jo-N - hi, thanks for visiting. the title does attract, doesn't it? makes us easier to remember the company.