Monday, October 15, 2007

Mama, Where's Puppy, Bear Bear?

It has been less than three hours since I last hung out the clothes, and now they are already dry. And I mean TOTALLY dry.

If spring is like this, you wouldn't want to imagine summer. Really. I have to raise my hat off to people living in the centre of Australia, like those in Alice Springs. The weather there can soar up to more than 40 degree Celsius.

Little rascal has been asking for his two pets when he got home from school. I told him they had a bath, and he headed straight to the bathroom. Lucky for me he was distracted by his hunger, so it bought a little more time for them to dry. I told him they are at the backyard.

Just finished his lunch. Guess I have to get his pets in now.


jazzmint said...

wah teddy is now clean clean and no more saliva smell keke

Lovely Mummy said...

hi there, i have tag for u again lor...hehe

etceteramommy said...

I actually thought you meant real pets until I read the entry below.. :P

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - oh, usually no saliva smell one, but he takes the pets everywhere, more bacteria than saliva :P

lovely mummy - wokay, in the queue :)

etcetera~mommy - hahahhaa... we have no pets lar. i didn't realize it really sounded we had some :)