Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Once Every Two Years Test

No matter how many times I've done it.

No matter if she is the same doctor I've been to for years.

No matter how it doesn't hurt at all.

It still doesn't make me feel comfortable stripping and baring it all.

I am talking about the Pap test. Ladies, have you been to yours yet? I went yesterday morning. I won't even let my own hubby look at me in my birthday suit in broad daylight, so it made me feel very vulnerable baring my bottom half to the doc.

FYI, a pap test is standard and it is covered by the government so we don't have to pay a cent. However, there is something not so new called ThinPrep, but surprisingly not many doctors recommend it to their patients. Mine did two years ago, and this year I asked for it to be done again.

Basically, the doctor is doing nothing extra. The cervical cells are taken the same way, only difference is that in apart from smearing the cells onto a slide, which is sent to the standard lab, the balance of the cells are mixed into a vial of liquid and then sent to a private lab for separate reading. ThinPrep provides a better and more accurate reading, hence increases detection of any precancerous cells. If you like to know more about it, I found a site here.

The only not so good news is that you have to pay for it. I forgot how much. I haven't paid for this one yet as the lab will be sending me the invoice, not the doctor. But if I remember correctly, I paid no more than AUD$40 for the test.

$40 for every two years for peace of mind. I would say it is very worth it.


WaterLearner said...


I am thinking of going for the first Pap Smear of my life next year.

Gulps ... Pain pain?

Sweetpea said...

haha, don't worry, no pain pain. a little uneasy, but definitely no pain pain :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

mine's due last month ;D i get very tense each time and my heart beat nonstop :D

Sweetpea said...

WH - but it's not painful right? i am tensed only because i am not comfortable with being naked, not because of the procedure :P