Monday, October 08, 2007

PPP Direct Offer

I am amazed.

I actually have a direct offer from an advertiser at PPP. You know lar, little cricket like me, I have never dreamt about someone looking for me directly to write a post for them. So, yeah, I am pleasantly surprised.

My paypal account is back to zero. Actually, only about USD$4 odd in balance, to be exact. Taken everything out to spend in Malaysia. It is currently AUD$1 to RM3.06 woooo.... Wooohoooo!! My hubby lagi syiok spending HKD. It's $6.98!!


All those sedara-mara and kawan who asked me to buy things arrr, am charging as it is. Hehehe. Woww... smiling to sleep to think I can stretch my shopping list a little further.

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IMMomsDaughter said...

Congrates and more $$$ for you to spend when you come back.

Peng said...

don't worry what i've asked you to buy will pay you according to the exchange rate ~

L'abeille said...

Wah so PPP Direct! Congrats..

mott said...

what's the USD to AUD?

I am trying to find out...but mebbe ask u first..ha ha ha!

better shop in KL a lot of out-of-season stuff for kids here!

Sweetpea said...

immomsdaughter - u mean eat more! more money to buy food! haha

peng - we talked about that b4. i just want kopi ice :)

l'abeille - that's a start, or maybe the only one, haha!

mott - not much difference. i think only $1 to 1.10, but check here:

NomadicMom said... PPP direct. I jealous liow...hahahah

Sweetpea said...

nomadicmom - SATU saja nia!! :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wahhhh...only kopi ice from wye peng? she should ask you to buy more stuff :D when are you kambing back? staying in kl or straight to ipoh? can arrange for a get-together?

hey, awak tak tulis itu PPP offer berapa ah? sudah tulis ke belum?