Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Night Pampering

Nothing much for this Saturday night.

Aidan has been up all day, and although he was falling asleep in the car earlier in the afternoon, as soon as he came through the front door into the house, there was no way I can make him sleep. And that means it will have to be an early night for him. Which is good.

FIL, SIL and us, we went to Glen Waverley for Shanghai food for an early dinner at 6pm. Bob's Kitchen was already full. With a few families waiting at the entrance. Six o'clock sharp, and it's already full! Obviously there are weirder people than we are who have early dinners.

What's so great about Bob's Kitchen anyway? The other shop, further down the same row, offers the same kind of food, doesn't taste too bad, but somehow it is always the second choice, i.e. people only go there when Bob's is full. Like us. So why did we still go to Bob's then? Not by choice, friends. FIL wanted to go there. At the table, Aidan was kinda like half asleep.

Back home, after sending him to bed at 8.15pm, which he willingly obliged, I had a what you call self-pampering. I did some exfoliating work, to my body and to my face. Wanting to look good is hard work. The mitts were rough, the scrub was rough. I had to use energy to scrub away, which left both my hands pretty tired, and me a little breathless, and my body a little like a red lobster. Then my face. After everything, all of me felt like I was being abused with sandpaper. At least the moisturizing part is fine.

And now, I am going to make some moolah.


jazzmint said...

wah so rajin exfoliate whole body...

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - proofs to be very hard work actually DIY!!