Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I am Misty!

Mummy's friend Sweetpea came for a visit today with her son Aidan, and she chased me round the house playing Catch. She was very cheeky. She swatted my backside and held my tail, but because I like her, it's okay.

I liked playing Catch with her, because Mummy didn't have time to play with me today, as she was busy talking to another friend of hers. I could see I gave Sweetpea a good exercise because after awhile she was huffing and puffing. Hahaha! She said I am huge because when I tried to stand up to lick her face, I almost knocked her down.

She also scolded me for slobbering her pants wet. Sorry, I was thirsty, and I had a drink before I wanted a pat from you. Little Aidan was kind of afraid of me, probably because my barks were very loud. I couldn't help it because I had so much fun playing with Sweetpea. She was really chasing me all around the house!

Cheers Aidan. You can chase me when you visit again next time!


cbenc12 said...

aiyoh..thats so cute!!!

The New Parent said...

Hi SP--what a sweet face (and the dog is cute also)!

Ah, drooling dogs, not one of their finer points.

L'abeille said...

Aidan...you're such a cute little fellow! *MUCKS mucks*

Sasha said...

eh get one for him la

Sweetpea said...

cbenc12 - you mean misty or aidan? :P

TNP - haha, no, misty wasn't drooling, but she had a drink of water before she put her head on my laps!

l'abeille - waa, all the 'yau' u 'sok' already! :P

sasha - we might, but not now lor. maybe a year later when he really understand the concept of CLEANING UP?