Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First set of pics

Now, introducing the girls first.

These are two sisters, Kay, 7 years old and Yan, 5 years old. They are my grandnieces.

You read me right. They are also nieces to Aidan, that makes him an uncle, to a total of five nieces in fact. Aidan bonded with the two so much this trip, especially Yan.

Kay is great with books, recently graded 4th for the whole of her stream in school. She loves food, as you can see :P and is a softie. Loves anything Barbie and fairies, wears only pink.

Yan is more street smart, have a couldn't care less attitude, and is very 'fierce', when provoked. Just turned 5, had an Ultraman cake and requested for Spiderman VCD as a present from me. Three funny responses from her when I was in Malaysia:

Mum : School holiday is starting. What would you like to do?
Kay : I want to learn dancing!
Yan : Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! (With hand gestures)

Can guess what?


Dad : Yan! Don't bite your fingers!
Yan : I didn't bite my fingers lar. I bite my fingernails!

Aprah, daddy!

Yan is afraid of lightning. So her mum said:

Mum : Lightning only hit bad people.
Yan : (Think) Like that I sure die lar!
Mum : (Controlling her laughs) No, the lightning only make them burnt and have curly hair.
Yan : (Think again) Then Big Yee Yee is a bad girl! She got hit by lightning!



Michelle said...

LOL..i like the lightning farneee!!!

Sweetpea said...

michelle - me too! u'd never expect such an answer from her!

Shannon's Mummy said...

Wahahaha... so farneeee....

Ohya.. welcome Back!!! :P

Sweetpea said...

shannon's mummy - she is very ....'entertaining' :P