Thursday, November 29, 2007

GAP billboard

GAP must be really short of cash.

When I was in Bangsar, we would pass by this road along Eastin Hotel, and there is this huge GAP billboard, a lady model on one side and a male model on the other. Now the girl is fine. But the male model hor..... sorry lar if anyone knows him, he looks more like a hawker stall taukeh than a cool guy. Trying to be Bruce Willis or Simon Yam with the Canon Ads konon.

My sister is SURE to make comments, no fail, everytime we saw it, and now that I am back here, she will still go on 'kutuk-ing' him. Cannot blame her. My brother-in-law insisted the model is Andy Lau.

I mean, come on, I know Andy Lau any day. Be it his worst day, and although I am not a great fan of his, I recognize his looks and those fab abs anywhere, okay?

So, who got a better deal, I wonder. Gap or this stall taukeh model?


Sasha said...

look like ah pek and got mistaken as andy lau...the model win la.. haha

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey...i kinda like this ad of Ken Watanabe. I find him really cool and manly (is there such a word?)...hehhehe.

Sweetpea said...

is that who he is?! but he looked so different in the memoirs of geisha! so handsome there! bet sasha didn't know either! :P