Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In Phuket

Not much time left to blog. Hope Aidan is not already driving my 'sitters' mad.

Our Star Virgo reached Phuket and I am at the moment surfing from one of the internet cafes at one of the shopping centre here. 30 bahts for one hour, broadband mind you, compared to SGD.23 per MINUTE on board, of which the connection is SSSLLLOOWWWWW as it is using the ship's satellite system, not to mention I wasted more time and money waiting than typing.

We got off at Patong Beach, where the tsunami hit, and I can still see some areas are still being re-built. By the way, didn't take any pics coz, what else, my camera's battery went dead! So I had to buy a disposable camera. Got one at Chalong Temple, and I got conned. Somehow I was shortchanged of about 500bahts, maybe more, coz I still can't tally out the amount. Lucky my sister and her 'chan gar' (my niece's hubby's father) talked for me in hokkien, and got the money back. Still doesn't tally. Well, at least I lost not as much. Very stupid and silly of me not to take a good look at the notes.

Will be in Langkawi tomorrow and back to KL on Thursday.

Gotta run now, gotta shop! Ciao for now!


eastcoastlife said...

Wah! Cruising to Phuket and Langkawi. Enjoy yourself kaw kaw!

*send sweetpea a fork to poke the bad conmen*

sting said...

oh ... luckily got someone to help u "fight" back for the $$$.. hope you have nice trip from now onwards

mama bok said...

Have a great time.. ya..!! and stay safe..!

jazzmint said...

wah in phuket somemore...