Saturday, December 22, 2007


One week into the holidays and Aidan is already driving me up the wall.

I guess I can't blame him as he needs to release the energy, where else, but a large, spacious area, like the malls and supermarkets. I couldn't take him to the park these couple of days as it was raining. He ran all over the place, aisle after aisle, not caring if he got lost. In fact, I hid from him yesterday. He did look for me, but didn't looked scared to too concerned. Heard him talking to himself 'Where's Mama?' yet didn't yell out for me.

He got my patience very thin today and I smacked him on his bum right there. In public. Made him sit in the trolley and not move. Since his legs couldn't move, his mouth did. He kept calling me, as if wanting me not to be angry at me. And when we got home, he was going Mama this and Mama that, I just told him, 'Aidan, just go switch on the telly and watch your Charlie and Lola.'

Goodness gracious. I needed a break! Another six weeks to go. HELP! Maybe it wasn't him. Maybe it was just me today, you know, just one of those 'down' days. Nevertheless...



sianie said...

Oh no! i'm sure it will get better! hes just excited!!

Sweetpea said...

sianie - yeah, it WILL get better.... maybe in another 3 years or so :P heh!