Monday, December 17, 2007


This is my Christmas present for my family.

CHILL ON Ice Bar at Russell Street is where we went on Saturday morning. It was the coolest place in Melbourne, and I DO mean literally, at -9 degree Celsius. Everything in the room, the sofa, the chair, the sculptures, the bar, was made of ice.

I booked this Christmas package two months ago. Thought it would be the perfect experience for all of us. At just $15 per person, which includes the hiring of winter wear, a mocktail, photo with Santa and a gift bag for Aidan, I thought it was very worth it. We were only allowed to stay in the ice room for maximum half an hour. We did great at 20 minutes, as Aidan was starting to shiver. Silly mummy made him wear 3/4 pants that day!

Wilkin was very pleased with this present, I could tell :) We finished off the mocktail in a glass, also made out of ice, and smashed it into the bin provided.

How cool is that?


PEARLY said...

wow ..... I will love it too , really look cool and chil too kekekek .
so lovely wish I were there too
merry xmas to you dear xxxxxx

Sweetpea said...

once in a lifetime experience, not that we are going there again for no reason :P yes, it was good. merry christmas to you too, you must be very busy baking!

L'abeille said...

Wah nice photos! Wei... 3/4 pants!!!!!!!???? You gotta be kidding hehehe

Michelle said... nearest for me to experience such if i travel south to singapore.

merry christmas to you. :)

wHOisBaBy said...

looks so cold. brrrr ... don't think i can tahan that type of temperature, but sure a good experience.

J@n!ce said...

There are a few of such bars here in Singapore. I'm so scare of cold. I don't think I can take it.... its a good experience though & I can see you guys enjoyed it. :):)

Sweetpea said...

l'abeille - yalor, silly me. i thot everything provided for mar, except for kids :(

michelle, whoisbaby, janice - it was cold, but with the excitement, i think you will hardly notice it. only for 1/2 hour anyway, so you all should try it!!