Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Dong Zhi

We wanted to have some kind of all-in-one here today, a barbeque just because it's a long weekend, it's Christmas and it's Dong Zhi. But alas, the weather was pretty crappy still, so we had to cancel outdoor activities, and ended up having dinner at FIL's place, with me bringing the salad, the prawns and the steaks over.

As for the tang yuan, you know me lar. If things can be bought, I wouldn't do it. So I bought some frozen sesame tang yuan, and instead of the traditional pandan soup, this time I bought soya bean drink. Tried this at a dimsum place in KL and I liked it.

Donno if you've been to Lillian's site yet or not, but take a look at her tang yuans! I'll make sure I'll do that next year with Aidan! And lastly,

eat more tang yuans! *Burp*


Bernard said...

Merry Christmas and DongZhi, Bubba and family!

Sweetpea said...

bernard - doc! same same to you :)