Friday, December 07, 2007

I have DES

Whaaa....??? You may ask.

"Dry eye syndrome often occurs in people who are otherwise healthy. It is more common with older age, because you produce fewer tears with age. In rare cases, it can be associated with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, and other similar diseases. It may also be caused by thermal or chemical burns."

See the two dirty words in bold?

I have worn contact lenses for nearly twenty years and only recently I no longer feel comfortable wearing them. I find that I have to keep blinking or pulling at the corner of my eyes to create some tears to keep my eyes moist. So when I was back in Ipoh, I checked my eyes, and surprisingly I found that the power for both eyes have decreased, which was good news, but there are instances I may need the reading glasses, THAT, is bad news.

Reading glasses?! Me?! Not even forty?! WWhhhyyyyy MMeeeeeeee!!!?????!!!

Sigh.... so, I had two new pair of glasses made lor. One brand new, the other using an old frame. When I got back to Melbourne I realize I needed to wear prescription sunglasses, because I was wearing even less contacts now, but I can't wear it over my glasses, right? Like it or not, I had to get one pair here.

The optometrist that saw me was very nice, very informative. So much better than the one in Ipoh. He offered opinions and lots more options, and even ordered a trial pair of contact lenses, different to the brand I was wearing, to see if it will suit me better. Okay, finished will all this crap, I went out to choose my frames. Now here's the catch:

  1. I cannot choose frames with curves - difficult to fit in my 'power'
  2. I cannot use my own favourite fashion frame - cheapo. Not worth fixing the dear lenses in
  3. The lenses were more expensive than the standard polarized because


Moral of the story?

Don't get sick / disabled. (As if I can help it) The sicker you are, the more expensive your fee is. The higher the power, the more expensive the lenses are.



Mommy to Chumsy said...

hehehe..go for lasik ;)

Sweetpea said...

WH - lasik has it's criterias too. u think i din check it out meh? :P eyes like mine won't get the 20/20 vision, i may still have to wear glasses, although the power is drastically decreased. so wat's the point leh?

jazzmint said...

huh so early got lou fah :|. better stay away from computer :)

MamaBoK said...

I hear yer..!! especially in a foreign land like i am .. :(

MamaBoK said...

Love .. Josh Groban..!

Simple American said...

I keep having problems with my contacs too. Can I get a bionic eye?

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - hahaha, this is a warning for YOU! and other mummies. I've already got it!

mamabok - we are in the same boat :P and lurve lurve lurve JG :)

SA - WELCOME BACK!!! HUGZZZ!! if we don't have enough money, can we share out eh bionic eyes? you get one i get one :)